Mieux construire nos bâtiments, nos rues, nos quartiers, nos agglomérations

about Vivre en Ville


Making our buildings, our streets, our neighborhoods and our urban agglomerations more viable.

Vivre en Ville is a public interest organization that contributes to the development of sustainable communities throughout Quebec. We bring about change on all scales: from the building and the street to the neighborhood and the urban area. 

Through its actions, Vivre en Ville stimulates innovation and supports decision makers, professionals and citizens in creating prosperous living environments conducive to the wellbeing of its residents and mindful of the supporting capacity of the ecosystems.

Our team is resourceful, rigorous, committed and multitalented. Their varied expertise contributes to the organization’s outreach as a major player in research, training, consulting and coaching services, awareness-raising campaigns, and public policy debates.

Research and innovation

Always at the cutting edge of research, we seek, compile and analyze worldwide examples of best practices, adapting the lessons learned from them to Quebec’s particular context. Vivre en Ville’s research results have been applied to pilot projects, contributing to the implementation of many innovative projects.

Tools and training

Vivre en Ville offers a wide range of training workshops, from general or thematic conferences to technical workshops. Activities can be adapted and customized to suit an audience of citizens, elected officials or professionals. A series of guides, case studies, fact sheets, multimedia tools and online resources are also available.


We offer a variety of consulting services that may be tailored to the particular needs of municipalities, public institutions or businesses, thanks to the varied skills of its multidisciplinary team. Services are intended for municipalities, public institutions and private corporations, and are based on the diverse competencies of a multidisciplinary team.


Vivre en Ville regularly takes a stand, often in partnership with stakeholders, on current issues by getting involved in public debate, by calling upon decision-makers and by publishing reports. The organization contributes to the evolution of practices as well as budgetary and public policy choices toward a framework that is more conducive to the development of sustainable communities.


Vivre en Ville has developed a specialized expertise in raising public awareness of various issues associated with sustainable communities. Publications, conferences and personalized advising center around campaigns and public awareness tours. For example, we organize an awareness week on public transit and active transportation as part of the international «Car-free day».

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